Meet the team

Located in the heart of Liverpool, Davy Jones MakeupSFX is a multi-award winning company, specialising in makeup, special effects and prosthetics for film and television.
facilitates as both a company (working on films and series such as Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Alexander and The Life and Death of Peter Sellers), and a place of education with the School of MakeupSFX.

davyLyn02 The creators behind the company are Davy Jones and Lin Davie– each with their own credits in film and television, which enables an impressive repertoire for MakeupSFX.

Since the couple share skills in both makeup and special effects, they free to work on projects individually. This means that the company can simultaneously run courses for those wanting to expand their knowledge on makeup and special effects and maintain their contribution to the media industry.

Although MakeupSFX provides to large companies, it is important to note that the company are happy to work with smaller organisations or individuals with varying budgets. Please see the contact section for more details.