As well as the assuredness of his fine talent as an experienced Make-up artist and unquestionable skill as a prosthetician, Davy Jones on an early morning shoot can be a barrel of laughs – because he delights in his work.
– Geoffrey Rush (Actor and film producer)
Davy Jones is the most talented Make-up and Special  Effects Designer I have ever worked with, equally importantly he is also the kindest and most honest person I’ve met in the industry.
-Christopher Eccleston (Actor)
Studying at the Davy Jones School of Media Make Up and SFX was an amazing opportunity. There is such a wealth of knowledge and resources at your finger tips thanks to the tutors experience, which is result of there continued involvement in the industry. Because of this, you are directly involved in live projects and are able to experience the design processes first hand. Although I completed the course in 2013, the school continues to offer guidance and support in what is a complex industry to become established.
– Abi Lilli (previous student)
I have known and worked with Lin and Davy for over 25 years, they are both Talented and very professional with any work they under take.
Davy has done a lot of work for me in the past the most recent being on Coronation Street helping to create and design Bruno Langley Todd’s scar from the initial fight to the ongoing scar it self, he is always there to help with any problems at any time.
The School both Lin and Davy have is the next step in bringing on new talent to the industry with the knowledge and connections they have.
– Elizabeth Armistead (Head of Make Up Coronation Street)
 After completing the 4 week prosthetic course, I could not have been happier with my choice. I could not have asked for more. Its a fantastic, hands on place to learn about the process involved in producing high quality work such as sculpting, moulding, materials, running, colouring and applying a prosthetic. I walked away with enough knowledge to walk onto a tv set and feel confident to assist a make up designer efficiently involving the prosthetics. Not only is the course informative, (so many things to take in, i could have re-done it, the following 4 weeks), its such a fun, relaxed and friendly environment, full of like minded people, i didn’t want to leave. Davy’s endless stories and experiences on film and tv sets around the world will keep you entertained for the whole time! What sets Davy’s course aside from the rest is, the workshop door is always open. After 4 years in the industry I still return on a regular basis for research purposes, technical questions about materials, and to stay current within the industry. The only difference being when I now return I have been out there applying and maintaining prosthetics for TV shows like BBC3’s ‘In the Flesh’, ITV’s ‘Foyles War’ and channel 4’s ‘No Offence’, thanks to Davy Jones. I also love going back and offering other budding artists advice. The workshop is like an Aladdin’s cave for any make up lover, and the place becomes more fascinating and appealing during the course. Whilst i was attending the school, it was such an exciting, new experience to witness the standard that is expected on tv/film set. I was lucky enough to see the various stages it took to create dead bodies go out for BBC’s ‘Bodyfarm’. After dedication and hard work I even gained experience on a set after returning to the school, once my course was completed, on ITV’s ‘Monroe’. I collected so much knowledge and experience i could not thank Davy enough. For example i learnt how you would make a prosthetic set of lungs and heart look like theyre breathing and how to use a blood pump are amongst a few of the skills picked up. The amazing part is the research that goes into a prosthetic to ensure its anatomically correct, its the right shape, colour and size and also texture, which is why the depth in knowledge on materials is so important. Overall, ‘Davy Jones’ School of Make Up’ has changed my career and life. Im doing what ive always dreamt of and gained such a fantastic friend at the end of it. I would never look back!
– Laura Flynn (previous student)