Why us

The million dollar question!

Davy Jones has over 30 years industry experience and is still currently working in film & TV.
All our courses are designed to equip students with the knowledge, materials and attitude required to become a professional makeup artist. We like to keep our intake small, indeed, we do not run a course every year. That’s because we are still very current in the industry and, whenever possible, like to give students the opportunity to get work experience on the shows we work on. We had students out on four major dramas last year: The Five ( Sky 1 ), The Bastard Executioner ( Fox Studios ), The Lime House Golem ( feature film ) and Scott & Bailey ( ITV drama ).
Many of our students have become full time makeup artists, in all aspects of TV and Media, Laura Flynne is a great example of what can be achieved by determination and hard work, as she is now a permanent member of Lin Davie’s team and about to embark with Lin and Davy on a new eight-part drama for Sky this coming March.
Davy is passionate about all aspects of makeup and enjoys sharing his ideas and knowledge. He oversees everything and is extremely keen to ensure his students are taught to the highest level, and by the best tutors.
Our tutors come from TV, film, and fashion. We also have contacts with the best wig specialists, barbers, and stylists. We like our students to leave us fully conversant in script break down and continuity as well as being prepared for life on set or in a photographic studio. Therefore we bring in more professionals, script supervisors, first assistant directors, line producers and directors.
We have a busy, working prosthetic studio that that all students are welcome to get involved in, even after finishing a course.
So why us? If you are serious about a career in makeup, we have all the tools and experience to show you how to be the best!
Check out our IMDB– the proof is in black and white.

Best wishes,
Davy Jones, Lin Davie